The Morgantown Police Department used three rounds of tear gas to disperse a Thursday evening crowd on Beverly Avenue.

According to a MPD press release, at approximately 5:46 p.m. on Thursday MPD began receiving calls regarding a large party that had completely shut down Beverly Avenue between 4th and 6th Streets.

Officers arrived on scene and found a very large crowd blocking the street, congregating on rooftops, consuming alcohol and creating a "very large disturbance" in the neighborhood, according to the press release.

Officers attempted to go door to door of the houses and direct the individuals inside or away from the area, according to the press release. While speaking to several people, suspects began throwing beer bottles, beer cans and other debris at the officers. Officers retreated from the area and notified other law enforcement agencies of the situation.

Officers attempted to disperse the crowd using a public address system (loudspeaker), but the crowd did not disperse.

The crowd continued to grow in size and in volatility and continued to throw objects at police officers, according to the press release. The WVU Police Department and other assisting agencies helped restrict access to the area. EMS and fire personnel were staged adjacent to the area.

Warnings were issued to the crowd that they were engaging in an unlawful assembly and that they needed to leave the area, according to the press release. Following the warnings, officers deployed smoke grenades that also did not disperse the crowd.

At approximately 6:52 p.m., officers deployed three rounds of tear gas.

Over the next several days and weeks, MPD will be reviewing the body camera video, surveillance video and reviewing reports of actions and activities during this event, according to the press release. MPD will be working with property owners as well as WVU.