Morgantown was recently ranked as the eighth-best college town for dating by Dating Advice based on its party school reputation and the high number of fun date ideas available in town.

Hayley Matthews, editor-in-chief of Dating Advice, wrote “22 Best College Towns for Dating” with the intention of bringing focus to the college towns that deserve more credit for how much they offer their students.

“Really the whole point of these articles is that we are happy to recognize towns that maybe people haven’t thought about visiting or going to or attending that college. We like to give recognition where we believe it is deserved, and we are happy to provide some more information for people,” Matthews said.

When naming the best college towns for dating, Matthews took into consideration the number of students that attends each university, the amount of fun activities to do and places to eat in each town. Matthews also referenced College Ranker’s and Travel and Leisure’s lists of best college towns, as well as College Atlas’ list of top party schools, in which WVU currently happens to sit at No. 4.

“In Morgantown, there’s tons of things to do – it’s a really lively town. People can do the bar culture thing, they can do the outdoorsy thing. There are a lot of options for people. So we thought it would be great to recognize that. In terms of West Virginia University, we saw that there are 54 percent male students and 46 percent female students, so maybe the college is better in terms of females to find somebody,” Matthews said. “We just thought it was a great place for young people to be able to do something interesting and meet new people.”

When WVU students were asked what they thought about Morgantown being ranked as a top dating location, there were mixed reactions. Connor Hicks, a freshman advertising student, said he did not think Morgantown was a great town in terms of dating.

“As far as places to go on a date, I don’t think there’s much besides bars and clubs. As far as nice restaurants, there’s not much, especially within walking distance of High Street,” Hicks said.

Hicks expanded on his point by explaining that dating tends to be a different experience for freshman students.

“At least my kind of people, like in freshman year especially, the people that are just getting here and are trying to party – they are just trying to find themselves, so you can’t really find someone else until you find yourself. So once they figure out that they need to cool it down with the partying and focus on school, I feel like (dating) is better,” Hicks said.

Carlee Lammers, a senior print journalism student, thinks Morgantown is a great place for dating once students are able to find someone they share common interests with.

“Yeah, there’s a lot of the party scene, but there are a lot of cool things to do outdoors that can make good dates. Dating is expensive, especially for guys, but there are fun things to do around town that are relatively inexpensive,” Lammers said. “There are some really cool things to take advantage of in Morgantown that maybe other places don’t offer. It’s (easier) if you share interests with someone because there’s so much to do here.”

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