Morgantown government officials addressed homelessness and drug and alcohol addiction that’s impacting the downtown area at the Morgantown City Council special workshop meeting on Friday.

Deputy Mayor Rachel Fetty said the community needs to work together to try to solve the issues facing the downtown area.

“Our community has worked very hard to serve the needs of a very vulnerable population,” Fetty said. “We continue to be committed to serving all of our public, and we are going to work together to address this problem.”

Morgantown Chief of Police Ed Preston told council what he would like to see them do to help revive the individuals and entities affected. Preston said that there needs to be cooperation between the businesses, service providers and the city government.

Government officials expressed their confidence in making the required progress within the next few months to help those affected by homelessness and drug and alcohol addiction.

“We’ve been on this journey before,” said Paul Brake, Morgantown city manager. “It’s a marathon, not a sprint.”

The city council said that it plans to begin taking action on the issues discussed within the next few weeks.