Members of Morgantown’s LGBTQ+ community gathered on Wilson Street in South Park for the unveiling of a new rainbow Pride crosswalk at a ribbon-cutting ceremony on Wednesday.

While it took five months to plan the crosswalk before the brushes hit the pavement, Morgantown Pride President Ash Cutright said it was worth it.

“I’m super excited,” Cutright said. “We knew that we were getting the sidewalk, but we didn’t know when it was being installed. There’s a lot of queer people that live in South Park, so why not have it here, where all the amazing queer people live?”

Cutright said Morgantown Pride is not stopping with one crosswalk.

“We’re hoping that we can maybe go move some crosswalks into downtown, maybe into Suncrest. Our ultimate goal is maybe one a year, [if] we just keep spreading it around,” Cutright said.

Mayor Bill Kawecki also spoke at the ribbon-cutting ceremony.

“This is something that you, this community, caused to happen. I’m happy today that Morgantown has made this occur,” he said.