Social gatherings at residential units in certain areas of the city will be prohibited to prevent spread of infection beginning at midnight Friday morning and will remain until repealed or modified. 

Activities that are prohibited under this new order include parties and social gatherings at residential units, including their yards or parking lots, in the areas labeled on attached map. 

These restrictions exclude limitations on residents and their family members from using their residential property. According to the order, deliveries, maintenance, repairs or other regular business at these properties are also still permitted.

Interim City Manager Emily Muzzarelli signed this written order following the increase of infections in Monongalia County that have coincided with the reports of large gatherings among students. 

On Sept. 1, the City adopted the Emergency Ordinance 2020-5, granting authorization to the City Manager to limit the number of people gathering in private residence and eating and drinking establishments if deemed necessary.

Monongalia County’s rate of infection has increased from 17.86 per 100,000 people to 37.33 per 100,000 since the implementation of the Emergency Ordinance. 

Any violation will result in a misdemeanor charge punishable by a fine ranging from $25 to $500.