The Morgantown Police Department identified and confirmed a juvenile high school student as the suspect accused of distributing a vape pen laced with heroin.

On Monday, detectives obtained a search warrant and recovered more than 100 charged vape solutions, marijuana, packaging materials and empty vape cartridges that were being filled with the suspected vaping solution, according to a MPD press release.

One recovered vape pen named “TKO” was contaminated with heroin and other dangerous chemicals.

Two high school students were hospitalized after overdosing on heroin laced vape pens in Morgantown within 24 hours, MPD said on Friday.

Preliminary testing on one of the vape solutions indicated that it contained heroin, other opioids and a significant number of other chemicals.

The investigation is ongoing, the MPD believes other brands and types of vape cartridges are in circulation.

“These devices are extremely dangerous,” MPD Chief Ed Preston said in a video warning posted to the MPD Facebook page on Friday. “We’re asking that anyone who possesses or is using or knows anybody using these devices to either turn them in to school administration, the local law enforcement or throw them away.”

To report suspected criminal activity, contact the MPD Switchboard at (304) 284-7522.