To keep up with ever-changing technology, the Morgantown Parking Authority will replace all coin operated single-space parking meters across town over the next few weeks.

The city will be replacing 510 single-space meters that are over 20 years old, giving the technology used by parking enforcement officers a much needed upgrade.

“So then if they go down, we would not be able to audit the meters,” said Dana McKenzie, Morgantown Parking Authority Director.

In addition to accepting payment in coins or with the ParkMobile app, the new meters will accept Smart Cards that can hold up to a $100 value. Customers can purchase these cards at the MPA office and must pay a one-time, $5 activation fee. 

The old meters offered a similar Cash Key feature with a round slot. Customers can trade in their Cash Keys for a new Smart Card at the MPA office and transfer their account balance to the new payment method 

“We didn’t really upgrade as far as getting anything bigger and better,” said McKenzie, “It’s the same technology, we just try to keep it flexible for everybody.”

The meter replacement comes at a cost of $110,000 and will be paid for through the MPA’s budget.