Obioma and Yachini

Isaac Obioma and Abbi Yachini from the Unity campaign won the SGA presidency and vice presidency with 43.8 percent of the vote Wednesday night.

According to the SGA Attorney General, voter turnout was 7.5 percent, almost four times the portion of the student body that voted last year.

Michael Quinlan and Riley Keaton of the For the Rest of Us campaign followed behind with 32.4 percent of the vote while Tyler Brewster and Sydney Luther of the Progress campaign came in with 21.6 percent of the vote.

“I cannot thank them [supporters] enough,” Obioma said. “[The Unity campaign] is the product of a bunch of amazing people that came together. This is all for them.”

“[The campaigns] brought back competition and vitality, but most importantly I think all three of them brought back civility,” current Student Body President Blake Humphrey said. “At the end of the day, we want people to feel comfortable about having a conversation on this campus about the issues that matter to them, and all three campaigns showed that in so many ways.”

Humphrey offered his support in the transition period for the new president and vice president-elect.

“We’ll support them in any way possible, and to help them for when they take office and assure that they’re ready to go,” he said.

The senators-elect come mostly from the Unity campaign, taking up 14 out of the 15 available positions. The athletic senators-elect are Chad Dye from the Unity campaign, and Drew Spearko from the For the Rest of Us campaign.

Here are the voting margins for each position:

President and Vice President

  • Isaac Obioma and Abbi Yachini (Unity)- 43.8 percent, 929 total votes
  • Michael Quinlan and Riley Keaton (For the Rest of Us)- 32.4 percent, 683 total votes
  • Tyler Brewster and Sydney Luther (Progress)- 21.6 percent, 457 total votes


  • Adam Craig (Unity)- 40.4 percent, 857 total votes
  • Tyler Greathouse (Unity)- 39.7 percent, 842 total votes
  • Peyton Keener (Unity)- 39.5 percent, 838 total votes
  • Kate Dye (Unity)- 39.1 percent, 829 total votes
  • Roark Sizemore (Unity)- 38.7 percent, 822 total votes
  • Mike Hamrick (Unity)- 38.6 percent, 819 total votes
  • Owen Gray (Unity)- 38.5 percent, 818 total votes
  • Gage Fortney (Unity)- 38.2 percent, 811 total votes
  • Stephen Murphy (Unity)- 37.7 percent, 800 total votes
  • Kareem Shammaa (Unity)- 37.5 percent, 795 total votes
  • Madi Matheny (Unity)- 37 percent, 784 total votes
  • Lora McDonald (Unity)- 36.8 percent, 781 total votes
  • Dominique Villasenor (Unity)- 36.7 percent, 777 total votes
  • Zainab Rana (Unity)- 36.3 percent, 772 total votes
  • Cailyn Hall (For the Rest of Us)- 29.1 percent, 616 total votes

Athletic Senators

  • Chad Dye (Unity)- 43.4 percent, 921 total votes
  • Drew Spearko (For the Rest of Us)- 31.1 percent, 656 total votes