Go Over the Edge with Libera

Libera, West Virginia nonprofit aimed at women and teen empowerment, is bringing an urban rappelling fundraiser to Morgantown on July 24.

Participants will rappel off the Monongahela Building located at 235 High Street to raise funds and awareness for Libera’s programs that aid at-risk youth including homeless youth, foster children and juvenile offenders.

To make this event a reality Libera has partnered with Over The Edge Global, a company which helps nonprofits meet their fundraising goals by providing “adventure experiences.”

Libera, which is based in Morgantown, works statewide to empower women, teens and youth.

“Our vision is a West Virginia where women and teens are empowered to live in freedom,” said Karen Haring, founder and executive director of Libera.

Volunteers are needed to assist Over the Edge rope experts on rooftops on Friday, July 23, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

No former ropes training is needed, according to Libera. Over the Edge will provide training to volunteers on July 23, from 4 to 7 p.m.

All funds raised will be allocated to Libera’s three basic programs including Libera Groups, their partnership with Shield Task Force, a non profit working to end child abuse in West Virginia, and their most recent Love Packs initiative.

The Love Packs initiative provides at-risk youth with mental health tools, abuse prevention and response resources. Liberia has taken the initiative to four West Virginia counties—Preston, Kanawha, Lincoln and Mason—with a goal to expand the program throughout the state.

Libera Groups, which empowers women and girls to overcome barriers by sharing their stories, offers mental health tools, crisis lines and connections to counselors and other nonprofits, among other resources. Similarly, Libera Listeners allows youth to disclose struggles such as abuse, bullying or mental health struggles in a safe environment with a group of mentors.

Libera also partners with Shield Task Force, a nonprofit working to end child abuse in West Virginia, to educate k-12 students about body safety, online safety and human trafficking prevention.

Haring described Libera’s motivation to work with Over The Edge.

“We feel like this event is so aligned with what we do in Libera because we talk about facing your barriers, facing your fears, and overcoming them,” she said. “And we feel like going over the edge, rappelling off of the roof, is a physical form of facing your fears and doing it anyway.”