The West Virginia University John Chambers College of Business will be getting a new addition soon, as the currently under-construction Reynolds Hall is slated to open its doors to students next fall semester.

The University broke ground on construction of the school’s newest business building in October 2019, following the demolition of Stansbury Hall which stood in its place prior.

Named after Bob and Laura Reynolds, the building will feature three computer labs, 17 study rooms, a number of lounge areas and a food vendor.

Every classroom will be fitted with multiple large monitors, televisions, dry erase boards and mobile furniture to customize the classroom layouts.

“The dean’s desire for this building was to be able for anyone to walk into the building and see business in action,” said the building’s project manager Scott Owen, “We have a tremendous amount of glass and windows in the building, so you can see what’s really going on in the classrooms.”

The construction of the building is nearly 80% complete, Owen said, and is on pace to be finished by April 2022.

The six-story building also includes a ‘mini Wall Street’ trading room, a social media center, a cyber security center and a data analytics room.

The top two floors of the building will be dedicated to administrative proceedings and advising, with conference and study rooms available as well.

Along with the administration offices, there is a balcony on the top floor overlooking portions of the fifth floor, as well as a vast view of the Monongahela River from multiple sections at the top of the building.

In addition, Reynolds Hall will have a full fitness center on the first floor available for students to use.

With a round budget of $100 million, architect firms Strada LLC, out of Pittsburgh, and Gensler, from New York City, collaborated on the project to create a modern and comfortable environment for WVU business students.

The designers pulled inspiration from other prominent universities and business programs across the country. From these examples, they decided to construct a number of collaborative classrooms and open areas.

There are a number of sections in the building in which glass walls will be put in place, allowing natural light and open views to flow into the middle parts of the building as well.

Reynolds Hall will also have an area dedicated towards paying homage to the former Stansbury Hall that was torn down to make room for Reynolds Hall.

A portion of the original Stansbury basketball court, that was graced by both Mountaineer and NBA legends such as Jerry West, will be mounted on a wall on the building’s third floor.

The building will also have a Business Hall of Fame. This will include prominent members, donors and instructors from the WVU business program throughout the years.

To further achieve the modern aesthetic, Reynolds Hall will feature a number of gardens around the building. Owen said there are also plans to beautify portions of the neighboring PRT tracks.

For students looking to make a good interview impression, Reynolds Hall will also have suits, ties and other professional attire to loan to students.

In addition to the various student services available, Reynolds Hall will be completely handicap accessible and provides easy access to the nearby Rail Trail.

After this, furniture will be moved into the building. Over the summer, professors will be moved into their offices that overlook the busy Beechurst Ave.

In the fall semester, business students will get their first taste of the many classrooms and dedicated spaces within the building.


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