There were three new faces on the Student Assembly at WVU’s Student Government Association meeting this week, as newly-appointed senators Roark Sizemore, Taylor Giles and Jace Kyle took their seats for the first time.

The three were appointed last week through SGA’s new process to fill vacant Student Assembly seats via appointment when there are no next-highest vote-getters available for the positions. 

This week’s meeting was also one of the last for the current College Representatives, as the election last week added 12 new representatives to the board who will take their seats at the Nov. 8 meeting.

At this week’s meeting:

  • The Student Assembly unanimously approved sponsoring a viewing of the Netflix documentary “Heroin(e),” which follows a group of Huntington natives as they fight the Mountain State’s opioid epidemic.

  • The Assembly unanimously approved grants to the following organization:

    • $632.45 to the WVU Food Recovery Network

    • $1,508 to the Institute of Electric and Electronical Engineers

    • $1,500 to Clean WVu

    • $425.03 to the WVU Collegiate Gaming Club

    • $1,285 to the WVU Women’s Club Soccer Team

    • $1,276 to oSTEM

    • $1,000 to the WVU Club Basketball Team