The WVU Student Government Association proposed several amendments to its constitution in a meeting held on Dec. 11.

“The student assembly evaluates and proposes changes to the constitution nearly every year, and what was discussed at that meeting were all just proposals, nothing was voted or decided on,” said Madi Matheny, SGA vice president.

One of the first changes purposed was the number of college representatives for the spring election. They also recommended changing the name of college senators to college representatives.

Currently, SGA has 17 senators and college representatives, but the organization is proposing to change that number to 12. SGA is also proposing to change the number of college representatives in each college.

The amendment changes read:

“The number of College Representatives positions shall be directly related to the enrollment data for the respective colleges. Each college will have one College Representative and will receive an additional Representative for every 1,000 students enrolled...”

To add a representative to the college, the data must come from a reliable source and then the SGA elections chair will decide how many representatives are needed at each college for the year.

As every school has representatives, SGA made a change in its amendments to use the term Health Sciences instead of the School of Medicine.

SGA is planning to add a speaker of the assembly to its organization. According to the amendment, the speaker of the assembly shall:

“a.Preside over meetings as the Chairperson of the Student Assembly;

b.Call special meetings of the Assembly whenever the need arises;

c.Ensure that all directives of the Student Assembly are carried out, delegating responsibility as deemed necessary for the efficient operation of the Assembly;

d.Perform all other related duties as shall be determined by the President Pro-Tempore.”

They also want to change in the constitution that in the absence of the speaker of the assembly or the president pro-tempore of the assembly, members may appoint a temporary chairperson.

Matheny also said SGA is having its first annual Jan. 17-19, SGA is having its first annual mid-year retreat from Jan. 17-19.

“We will provide the opportunity for the student assembly and the rest of SGA to thoughtfully consider the constitution and the changes they wish to make,” Matheny said.

This process will continue over the next couple of months and amendments to the constitution will eventually be voted on by the student body.