SGA people

SGA Attorney General Jarred Cannon swears in the new class of College Representatives at SGA's weekly meeting on Wednesday night.

The new batch of College Representatives took their seats for the first time at this week's Student Government Association meeting, marking the end of term for the inaugural class of representatives.

Coinciding with the swearing in was much discussion centered on accountability, and specifically the creation of a system to help hold SGA legislators and executives accountable to their policy initiatives and efforts within the organization. 

President Pro Tempore Tyler Brewster, along with the rest of SGA's Accountability Committee, introduced the idea of a point system which would be based on current protocols utilized by the organization's intern program.

In its current form, the proposal calls for elected officials (the Student Assembly, along with the president and vice president) to earn eight points each month, and executive members to earn five.

An executive would be appointed with the sole responsibility of tracking attendance at events and staying on top of individuals' reports.

Points would be earned by attending SGA meetings and events and giving reports on initiatives, among other things. If members fail to meet the minimum number of points each month, they will be put on a probationary period. 

If they still are unable to meet the requirements, executives are subject to be removed from the organization and legislators could be put up for impeachment by the Student Assembly.

"This sounds really harsh, and it's meant to be harsh," Brewster said during the meeting. 

The proposed changes are not ready to be voted on yet, and upon hearing comments from organization members Wednesday evening, Brewster said he and the rest of the Accountability Committee will tweak language and policies as appropriate.

"A really important thing to note is that this would be like a trial run," Brewster said. "This will be ever changing and evolving. If we see a lot of people struggling to meet the requirements, we're going to talk about that."

Brewster hopes to have a version of the proposal voted on within the next two weeks, and have the policies in full effect by the beginning of next semester.

Also Wednesday:

- College Representative Vinnie Amato was voted as the "College Representative of the Year." 

- The Student Assembly unanimously approved the following student organization grants:

  • $968 to the Women's Club Basketball team to cover lodging and registration expenses for a tournament at James Madison University
  • $1,560 to the Society of Explosive Engineers to help send members to an annual conference in San Antonio, Texas. The money will go toward lodging and travel.
  • $1,775 to the Women's Club Volleyball team to help pay for lodging and registration for the National Volleyball tournament in St. Louis
  • $1,400 to CRU to cover registration and lodging for seven students to attend the regional winter conference
SGA meets at 7:30 p.m. every Wednesday at Hatfields B in the Mountainlair.