The WVU Student Assembly voted down a bill that would have stated their opposition of campus carry.

The vote had seven yes’s, eight no’s and two presents, which means they did not want to take a position on the matter, according to President Pro-Tempore Tyler Brewster.

During Wednesday’s SGA meeting Saira Blair, a delegate for the WV Legislature, discussed the changes she would like to see made to the university’s campus carry policy.

“It’s currently legal to carry a gun at West Virginia University concealed,” Blair said. “It’s against policy.”

Blair said this allows professors and students to conceal carry on-campus without penalty.

“This is about safety,” she said.

Following the vote, Miguel Henriquez, a SGA senator, tweeted:

Tonight, the @wvusga Student Assembly literally put the lives of 30,000 students at risk in failing to oppose campus concealed carry. Instead of allowing reason and empirical evidence to make the decision, your lives were compromised for re-election and anecdotal evidence.

West Virginia House Bill 4298 would strip power from the WVU Board of Governors to restrict concealed carry.

In its current form, the bill would still not allow concealed carry in the following places:

  • A stadium or arena with more than 5,000 people

  • A daycare on campus

  • A law enforcement building on campus

The bill is currently in the House Judiciary Committee.

WVU officials have expressed concerns with this bill.

"We believe in local controls," said WVU Vice President for Strategic Initiatives Rob Alsop. "We think the Board of Governors should be the ones who have the ability to make that determination, as to meet the needs of the campus."

WVU Police Chief Bob Roberts said, "Looking at our environment, where we have a lot of young people and a lot of alcohol and drugs through recreational use, I can see the danger of having these firearms around.”

Go to to read more about House Bill 4298.