Today students will vote on a constitutional amendment for the Student Government Association that could lead to the organization operating with a full legislative body by the end of October.

The constitutional amendment would add a succession process to fill vacant seats in the student assembly — of which there are currently 15 — when there are no next-highest vote getters to fill the seats.

Voting will take place from 10:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. at the Mountainlair and the Student Recreation Center.

If students vote to approve the amendment, the SGA constitution will add a "contingency plan," as some SGA officials have called it, to ensure the legislative branch is operating at its full capacity, which in turn better serves the students, said Student Body President Blake Humphrey at last week’s SGA meeting.

The amendment will help the organization fill the currently vacant seats on the Senate, however College Representative seats will remain vacant until the college rep election at the end of October.

The potential succession process would require a committee formed within SGA to vet interested candidates to fill the empty seats, then give a recommendation for vacant positions to the student body president, who will either approve or deny the candidates.

Currently, the SGA constitution directs the next-highest vote getters for vacant seats to take the seats. The last election, however, didn’t offer any runner-ups, and that coupled with several resignations has left the organization operating dangerously close to losing its necessary quorum number, which is required for any legislative action, like rewarding grants and passing resolutions.

This amendment, if approved, would only apply if future administrations are met with the same challenges Humphrey’s administration is currently facing, said Adila Fathallah, SGA chief of staff.