WVU Student Government Association Sen. Arpan Kumar is facing possible impeachment against the student government association for reasons he said are unreasonable.

During the Student Government Association’s second meeting of the academic year, its members took a step back from their traditional weekly sessions and introduced a new meeting structure.

During the WVU Student Government Association’s first meeting of the year, SGA President Kate Dye discussed focal points for this school year, including safety, sexual assault prevention and mental health.

Six panelists discussed society’s perception of perfection, the impact of social media on body image, the importance of body neutrality and body empowerment at the WVU “Welcoming EveryBODY” event in the Mountainlair on Tuesday.

The WVU Student Government Association issued two proclamations and approved several amendments to the SGA Constitution during Wednesday night’s meeting.

The new batch of College Representatives took their seats for the first time at this week's Student Government Association meeting, marking the end of term for the inaugural class of representatives.

There were three new faces on the Student Assembly at WVU’s Student Government Association meeting this week, as newly-appointed senators Roark Sizemore, Taylor Giles and Jace Kyle took their seats for the first time.

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