During the Student Government Association’s second meeting of the academic year, its members took a step back from their traditional weekly sessions and introduced a new meeting structure.

Every month this year, the SGA will hold two regular meetings where they propose and pass legislation and two committee meetings where they don’t pass legislation.

There are six different committees in SGA.

Safety Committee:

The Safety Committee discussed ways to prevent dangerous situations and help students stay safe on campus.

Student Experience Committee:

The Student Experience Committee aims to better WVU students’ experiences on campus by providing more opportunities to get involved. They plan to have events such as organization fairs for each college and an organization fair on the Eberly Campus. They also plan to provide students with more activities on campus.

Student Resources Committee:

The Student Resources Committee aims to give students enough resources to succeed at WVU. This fall, the committee is planning a scavenger hunt involving all students. In the scavenger hunt, students will have to go to different buildings on campus and submit a photo of the specific building. If they complete the hunt, they’ll be entered into a raffle where they can win a prize. The committee also plans to hold an academic resources event at the Mountainlair.

Community Engagement Committee:

The Community Engagement Committee aims to engage students in the community by providing community-wide events and gatherings.

Inclusion Committee:

The Inclusion Committee aims to recognize the diversity that’s on campus. Members of the committee look forward to WVU Diversity Week and an upcoming town hall event that will focus on inclusion and diversity.

Health Committee:

The Health Committee plans to advocate health-related issues on campus through various social media campaigns. The committee discussed long-term goals such as installing condom and tampon dispensers in most bathrooms on campus. The committee is also planning to partner with the Safety Committee to provide every student with self-defense classes.

The SGA will hold its next regular session meeting on Wednesday at 7:30 p.m. in the Vandalia Lounge at the Mountainlair.