After a 72% markup for Adobe Creative Cloud, students will now pay $240 per year to download the software.

Up until Aug. 11, this software cost students only $68 through OnTheHub.

“Under its previous contract with Adobe, West Virginia University purchased 1,750 licenses that were available for resale to students at a discount,” said Brent Bunner, senior marketing strategist with University Relations, in a statement. “However, fewer than 500 WVU students purchased Creative Cloud, resulting in a financial loss to the University.”

Bunner worked with the University’s Procurement, Contracting and Payment Services and Information Technology Services teams to provide the statement.

According to Bunner, the third-party distributor that ITS used to provide the software proposed a price increase that would have also impacted students and reduced the discount.

“ITS strives to meet the technology needs of students as best we can,” said Chief Information Officer Barb Dawson. “Our goals are to provide quality software solutions at a low cost to students, while still making effective financial decisions for the University. To balance those demands, we often choose to invest where the demand is great.”

However, Adobe Creative Cloud will still be available to students via many college-managed labs through Aug. 13, 2020, Bunner said.

Students can purchase Creative Cloud directly from Adobe and will still get a discounted student price of $20 per month. When buying a personal license with a WVU email, Adobe will prompt users to choose an account and students will now select ‘Adobe ID Personal Account.’

“In the meantime, ITS will be collecting data to determine actual usage of the software. This data will inform the University’s decision-making when the contract is re-evaluated in early 2020,” according to the statement.