WVU is continuing to work through the implications that come with making all courses remote.

“Turning around a battleship is much easier than this,” said WVU spokesperson John Bolt.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, spring break has officially been extended through March 27, and courses will go online or will be delivered via other alternative learning options starting March 30, until further notice.

Residence and dining halls

Bolt said there have currently been no decisions to reimburse students for student housing and meal plans; however, he said the provost’s office is working to find a solution.

For students who plan to stay in Morgantown for spring break, housing will be available from March 13-21. Oakland Hall and Stalnaker Hall, as well as Bennett, Braxton, Brooke and Lyon Towers will remain open for students who register.

Those residing in other dorms can sign-up to stay in Brooke Hall on a first-come, first-serve basis.

For students who need housing the second week of spring break, they will need to re-register using a separate form.

Bolt said for students who must return to the dorms after break, they can register at wvu.qualtrics.com.

“An important reason for asking students to stay home following the break is to diminish everyone’s exposure to large crowds, whether in classrooms or residence halls,” Bolt said. “If at all possible, students should remain home.”

Dining halls will be unavailable during spring break, and limited options will be available following break. Bolt said times and locations for these dining halls will vary.

Courses that require in-person meetings

While many courses can easily transition onto the online platform, courses such as music ensembles, lab courses and research courses are left to find an alternative solution.

Michael Perone, professor of psychology, said because students who conduct research in his lab work with animals, he is unsure of how they will be able to continue.

“The graduate students are in kind of a funny position because they are students, but they are also employees of the University, and the University is going to stay open,” Perone said.

Perone said it is unclear if any students are permitted to stay and continue work in the lab.

He said if they are unable to return to campus, it may cause at least one graduate student to be unable to graduate on time.

“There will be somebody who is planning on graduating in May, who won’t graduate in May,” Perone said. “It just won’t happen because they won’t complete their study.”

Music-related majors who must meet in-person for ensemble groups are also faced with limited options when moving courses online.

Scott Tobias, director of bands, said many of the music theory and history courses will be able to continue online, and faculty is looking for the best solution to ensuring students receive credit for ensemble courses.

“We are waiting for further clarification right now,” Tobias said. “In all situations we will be creative, whatever it is.”

Bolt said the provost’s office is putting together guidelines for these types of courses and plans to release them in the next few days.

Graduation ceremony

WVU said in a tweet that there is no plans to cancel May Commencement.

The University said any changes regarding Commencement will be communicated via email.

Academic advisory meetings

With scheduling just weeks away, many scheduled academic advisory meetings were set to take place during the week spring break has been extended through.

Tricia Petty, Reed College of Media assistant dean, said meetings set for that week will remain scheduled. She said meetings will be conducted via Skype, phone and email to ensure students can register for the proper courses.

Petty said faculty will also remain on-campus following the original spring break dates, and students are free to reach out to their advisors during that time.


Bolt said for students who may need assistance with courses or tutoring services, the provost’s office will update students on these services prior to March 30.

School of Nursing

According to an email from WVU Dean of Nursing Tara Hulsey, online classes for the School of Nursing begin on March 23, meaning undergraduate and graduate students there won’t get two weeks of spring break.

Clinical rotation will also resume on March 23.

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