The first emotional support and service animal policy on WVU’s campus was announced last Thursday.

The new policy is intended to help those with allergies or are afraid of certain animals.

Brent Bunner, assistant director of marketing and communications for strategic initiatives, said that the new policy is an improvement for the University.

The Animals on Campus Policy states that all domestic animals on campus, whether service or emotional support, must be kept on a leash no longer than six feet while on University property. If a leash interferes with the job of the service animal, the owner must keep the animal within six feet and under control through commands or other means.

However, these service animals can be free once inside housing.

According to the policy, only service animals are allowed inside University buildings. Emotional support animals are only allowed to be in a student’s housing if issued.

If any rules are broken, the policy states that students can be expelled.

The University can take away these rights, including for service animals, if the pet causes any kind of concern or damage. The University also has permission to rescue any animal they see inside a car if it seems in danger. All expenses will be given to the owner of the pet.

These rules only apply to domestic animals, not any wild, feral ones.

Any questions can be brought to the Office of Auxiliary Services at or 304-293-7202.

The entire policy can be found on the WVU Auxiliary and Business Services website.