With midterms in full swing, students prepare for one of the most difficult weeks of the semester.

Jamie Devine, a senior secondary education and English student, said this semester has been more stressful than most.

“I’m in a five-year program, so I have another year that’s going to be my master’s year,” Devine said. “At this point, as a senior, it’s not as many exams as it’s just projects within my emphasis, so it’s not that bad.”

Ashton Carr, a junior industrial engineering student, takes time from work as a resident assistant in Honors Hall to prepare for exams.

“I’m in my major now, so basically my industrial engineering classes are the two hardest ones that I’ll have this semester,” Carr said.

Not all students are taking major-specific classes yet. Many freshmen and underclassmen also take general education courses that do not spark their interest.

Jacob Dempsey, a freshman biology student, said he feels confident going into exams, but Math 126 is the most difficult for him.

Some upperclassmen gave advice for freshmen.

“I kind of want to say your grades aren’t everything or your GPA isn’t everything, but they should still focus on it and try their best,” Carr said. “I’d say prepare yourself as well you can, but if you get stressed doing it, it’s good to take a break.”