After getting the go-ahead from the University, club sports are now allowed to host in-person events and practices.

As stated in the most recent Campus Conversation, events must be limited to 25 people or less, and students must continue to follow WVU’s policy of mask wearing and physical distancing. However, the teams are still unable to travel or compete with visiting teams.

Ian Vilevac, a senior global supply chain management student and president of the WVU Frisbee Club, is preparing to get his team ready to practice safely again starting March 3.

“During practices we have to wear masks and maintain distance between players. Shared equipment, like discs, must be sanitized between practices,” Vilevac said. “And we are limited to groups of ten unless approved for more with a plan to maintain the separate groups.”

All members participating in club sports must be tested weekly and are expected to inform team presidents and fellow members if they do test positive for COVID-19.

“As president, I am the one that is responsible for making sure masks are worn, protocols are followed, and players are coming to practice healthy," Vilevac said. "I do have help from my other leadership and the coach, but at the end of the day it falls on me if guidelines are not being followed.”

A virtual format is the default for any event, and as stated by the University, any in-person activity requires a staff consultation and prior approval and must be restricted to current members of the organizations.

Gymnastics Club team member freshman Haley Maier is looking forward to returning back to the gym.

“I’m very excited to get back to practice. Being a part of this club keeps me active and helps me make new friends. I miss doing the sport I love, and it’s a nice break from all the school work,” Maier said.

Practices are limited, however, and certain equipment and venues still cannot be used due to COVID restrictions.

According to Maier, the most difficult thing about practicing during these times is that club members don’t have access to as many resources as before. 

“We don’t have access to the Rec Center to lift and workout, and we only get to practice at this one gym once a week. Before, we could go to another gym for their open gym hours, but they aren’t doing that now because of COVID,” said Maier. 

Although safety precautions will be taken, there is still slight concern amongst students for the risk of being quarantined due to COVID exposure during practice. 

“I do feel comfortable with meeting in person, even though I am concerned about being exposed," Maier said. "But, I’m willing to take that risk in order to be able to do gymnastics again and get some time out of the dorm with my teammates.”