In addition to Hatfields and Cafe Evansdale, meal plans also received a facelift over the summer.

“[Dining Services] went back and evaluated what was working for students and what wasn’t working for students,” said Whitley Warbel, field marketing specialist for Sodexo. “We wanted to add more flexibility to students’ meal plan.”

For students who live on campus, their meal swipes can only be used at four “restaurant-style” sites: Cafe Evansdale, Boreman Bistro, Hatfields and Summit Cafe. For students who are on the Go 10 or Go 13 plans, they can also use their swipes at Park Place at Oakland Hall.

For places like Chick-fil-A, Taziki’s or any of WVU’s quick-service options on campus, Dining Dollars and Mountie Bounty will be the only accepted form of payment besides cash or credit.

“You’re not limited just to eating at the dining halls, you can use your Dining Dollars for that,” Warbel said. “If you don’t use all your Dining Dollars this semester, you can carry it over to the next semester.”

For students who don’t live on campus, the Go 10, Go 13 and Anytime plans are also available. There are “Prime” plans available which include a limited, refillable set of meal plans and Dining Dollars.

Warbel said Sodexo and Dining Services want to draw new students to the dining halls like Hatfields or Cafe Evansdale.

“[Dining Services] really want to push the freshmen to the dining halls so that they can meet new people [and] create new relationships, which is really important to their freshman year,” she said.