Some WVU students raised concerns around campus and on social media about several WVU safety poles not working. The safety poles allow students to press a button that calls for emergency help.

However, according to University Police Chief W.P. Chedester, all 29 safety poles are working.

“We check the safety poles every month,” Chedester said. “The last time we checked the poles was Aug. 15.”

Chedester said this year is the first year that anyone has asked him whether the safety poles are functioning properly. He also said that it’s probable that these claims are rumors that started through social media, ultimately circulating throughout the campus.

“If anyone has a question concerning safety on campus, I don’t have any problem with them calling,” Chedester said. “I care about students’ safety, so please let us know. It’s good for us all to maintain a safe environment on campus.”