WVU is requiring all students currently studying abroad to return to the United States.

According to an email from Tara George-Jones, the international risk manager for WVU Global Affairs, additional screenings and the likelihood of flight cancellations necessitate return as soon as possible.

The University will assist students in working with their host institutions once they return to explore options for completing their semesters online, or through alternate distance methods, according to the email. If this is not an option for their host institutions, the students will work with the Global Affairs office and their academic department to complete their semester, or to find other alternatives to their study.

Students were told to inform Global Affairs of their return as soon as possible and to provide the office with their return date, flight information and location where they'll be staying upon their return. 

Due to the coronavirus, the University has also extended spring break and required that classes go remote after March 30, among other things.