The WVU Office of the Provost has made changes to its spring semester academic policy in response to student and faculty concerns.

Starting Monday, following spring break, all of student's courses will be done remotely. 

These changes include an extension on when students can withdraw from University and courses, the addition of a high pass/pass/fail grading system and changes to the suspension.

According to the policy change, the deadline to withdraw from courses with a ‘W’ has been extended from April 17 to April 24. This deadline also applies to withdrawing from all University courses.

Starting March 30, undergraduate students can now apply for a high pass, pass, fail grading system. Students can opt to receive a "high pass" if they get at least C- in a course, and students can receive a  "pass" if they get between a D+ and a D-. This does not affect a student's GPA. 

Leniency for incomplete grade criteria is also part of the new policies.

Updates to the suspension policy will also be applied. Originally, students with a GPA lower than 2.0 were suspended from the University. Students with a 2.0 GPA at the end of the semester will now be put on academic probation. 

GPA will not be taken into consideration for recipients of the PROMISE scholarship, West Virginia Higher Education Grant, WV Invests, and Ohio Reciprocity Agreements as well as Academic Common Market will automatically be renewed from the upcoming semester.