WVU’s Provost Academic Policy Committee has changed the dates of when students can withdraw from classes and the University.

Now, the final opportunity students can withdraw from classes or from the University is during the 13th week of the semester.

“The reasons for moving the date to withdraw from the University forward to the same date as the course withdrawal deadline are partly for consistency and partly to encourage student success,” wrote Evan Widders, the associate provost for Undergraduate Education at WVU, in an email.

Previously, the last day to withdraw from a course was during week 10 of the semester, and the last day to withdraw from the University was the day before the final day of the semester.

When deciding to extend the time frame to withdraw from a course, the Provost Academic Policy Committee thought a later date would give students more time to make a more educated decision.

“We moved the withdrawal date later so that students could make the most informed decision possible when they decided to withdraw from a course,” Widders said. “Although withdrawing from a course is not good academic practice, it is always better than receiving an F and often better than receiving a D.”

By moving up the date to withdraw from the University, the committee believed students would be more motivated to get advising help if needed.

Retroactive withdrawal can be accepted after the deadline in extreme circumstances.

For more information, visit http://catalog.wvu.edu/undergraduate/enrollmentandregistration/#enrollmenttext