Whether it’s the status of the West Virginia University Personal Rapid Transit or the current menu at The Boreman Bistro, students can access all WVU information through the WVU mobile app.

The app, currently available for both iOS and Android devices, gives students access to information about all campus ongoings in one location, making it a much more convenient way to navigate through the University.

"The purpose of WVU Mobile is for students to access information and services for WVU all in one place. Often times, students have to go to numerous different websites to find information and services they use everyday," said Governor Trevor Kiess of the WVU Student Government Association "WVU Mobile is a ‘one stop shop’ where users can find lots of information in one place."

Kiess became involved with the application in the early stages of its development last year. He began forming a close bond with the student developers who, at the time, were only creating the app for a senior year project, as well as SGA.

"The student was already in the process of working on an app with our ideas and told (Kiess) about it. We were invited to go meet with the group of students who were developing the app and to discuss what we would like to work with them on," said Governor Madison Thompsonof SGA.

"Essentially our role is to help facilitate meetings with various WVU heads, one being Dr. Solomon, director of the Department of Parking and Transportation. We are also working to give the group of developers compensation for their work, hopefully in the form of the University paying for the app."

WVU Mobile became available to the public on April 24, 2015 and has since been downloaded more than 2,000 times.

"At the time of its release, we only had one full week of school left and then finals week, so the word about WVU Mobile has spread extremely fast over the summer, and we look forward to see even more people downloading the app now that school has started," Kiess said.

The app has numerous functions seeking to improve the quality of life for students on campus.

"One of the greatest interactive features about WVU Mobile is the ability to see where your class is at in comparison to where you currently are at on campus. It allows the student to quickly get to class without the hassle of using different sources at once to do the same exact thing," Thompson said. "Other features include seeing if the PRT is running, what’s on the menu at the dining halls and what is currently going on at campus. All in all this app is a one-stop shop for every informational need you could have while on campus."

WVU Mobile is currently available to download on your smartphone device.