The WVU Student Government Association issued two proclamations and approved several amendments to the SGA Constitution during Wednesday night’s meeting.

The first approved proclamation is in support of the recent teacher strike, and urges legislators to stop “unfair” legislation toward teachers, public schools and public school students. It passed with only one vote against it.

The second proclamation is in support of LGBTQ+ residents and legislature protecting their housing and employment. It passed unanimously.

The amendments voted on would:

• Increase the number of representatives in the Constitution's language to reflect the addition of representatives to the law school.

• Combine athletic senators with other senators

• Clarify requirements and who they apply to

• Move all elections and inaugurations to the Spring Semester

• Prevent serving in two branches of SGA simultaneously (Be an intern and senator)

President Pro Tempore Roark Sizemore also spoke of intentions to change the signature process and begin using committees to simplify their regular meetings.

While, in the long-term,  it was said these changes will serve to benefit SGA’s voter participation and effectiveness, there were concerns over the impacts in the near future.

The issue arises with moving all elections to the Spring, which would take effect with the next administration. Its implementation would require the next administration to follow one of two options: either ask currently-elected individuals to extend their term until the next election, or fill the vacancies through appointments.

While approved by SGA, these amendments still have to pass on the upcoming election ballot.

Update: More information was added about an amendment approved on Wednesday. The number of representatives were increased in the Constitution's language to reflect the addition of representatives to the law school.