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WVU SGA President Isaac Obioma travelled to Los Angeles for the Intercollegiate Diversity Congress.

WVU SGA President Isaac Obioma was chosen as one of the 21 university leaders to participate in the Intercollegiate Diversity Congress.

Obioma traveled to Los Angeles for the summit, which ran from Sept. 7 to 9. There, student leaders were able to partake in numerous activities and discussions to promote diversity and campuses more inclusive.

“As SGA president, I wear a lot of hats,” Obioma said before the summit. “The one that I think pertains most to this conference is trying to be a unifier for the student body. I’m hoping that, through this conference, I’ll be able to gain a lot more skill and knowledge on how we can better do that — specifically, through the route of inclusivity and diversity on campus.”

The IDC is organized by the University of Southern California Shoah Foundation, a nonprofit organization which promotes overcoming prejudice, intolerance and hatred.

“Our first Intercollegiate Diversity Congress Summit last year was a great success,” said Sara Brown, the leader of the program, in a press release. “We’ve already seen them make great strides at their schools and communities. This year’s group is just as impressive and will return home prepared to share their experiences with their own communities.”

Anticipating a positive experience of his own, Obioma hoped to return to Morgantown with ideas to improve WVU in the fields of diversity and inclusion.

“The reason that I am going is because these ideals of diversity and inclusion — I believe in them,” Obioma said. “They’re down to the bone. These are things that I live by, and I think that I’ve seen in my own life what a lack of diversity and inclusion can do to certain students. I think that I’ve made it kind of my mission to combat that wherever I can.”

Obioma also added how eager he is to learn from other leaders.

“Through this conference and through interacting with all of these other leaders throughout the country, I’m hoping to become better equipped,” he said. “I’m hoping to be better equipped at the end of the day to really bring new ideas and fresh initiatives and projects here to campus that we can do, as well as partnering with all of those other universities that are going to be represented. I think that’s going to be a really strong thing for diversity and inclusion here at West Virginia.”