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Outside of the academic world, a majority of your time in college is spent at your own leisure. Nightlife takes up a good portion of your time as a college student, as the nights become longer in the winter months and students spend more time going out. 

In her newest album, Taylor Swift dives into her deepest insecurities. With thirteen different songs and seven bonus tracks that explore the labyrinth of her midnight thoughts, Swift takes a darker route compared to her two most recent albums, “Folklore” and “Evermore,” which have a more pop…

With plenty of shops, entertainment and, best of all, so many great food options, High St. is one of the main attractions near WVU’s campus for students to enjoy. Some of the most popular options downtown offer sandwiches, ice cream, fries and cookies, but there is one restaurant that sells …

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Homecoming is not just for alumni. A common misconception is that the week of events is only for those coming back to visit, which is simply not true.

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University apartments are advertised as a convenient option for students who want to live close to campus. This option is especially alluring for students who do not have cars — or perhaps those who do not want to pay for an expensive parking pass — and desire an easy walk to and from classes.

This weekend, students and their parents will participate in a variety of activities at West Virginia University as part of Fall Family Weekend. But after a long day of touring campus and completing activities, each family will be tasked with a similar question: where’s a good place to grab a bite?

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Craving a burger from right here in the heart of Morgantown? Looking for an environment to hang out with friends and be greeted by an amazing staff? Prefer to order at your own pace and close your tab whenever you please? If so, Morgantown Brewing is the place for you. 

A growing number of Monongalia County residents are voicing concerns over a school board policy that bans LGBTQ pride flags in classrooms. School officials say the flags create a politically disruptive learning environment.

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The Daily Athenaeum staff has often debated which state has the worst drivers and which state’s drivers are unfairly criticized. These are the takes from us in the newsroom. Disagree? Agree? Send your takes to and we might feature them in next week’s edition.

“Game-day hangout offering casual American eats, a large beer selection & a comfy vibe.” This description of The Varsity Club is straight from Google, but I could not agree more. Before my meal, I did some local research, asking my roommates and friends. Very few of my friends had ever b…

Throughout West Virginia history, unions have played an important role in improving the conditions of working class people. From coal miners to public school teachers, every job can benefit from a union. Collective bargaining increases the leverage of workers, usually with the threat of with…

For fans of the titular caped crusader, “The Batman” is an instant classic that provides a gritty, unique and modern take on a classic story while remaining faithful to its source material.

Editor's note: The letter below is a submitted letter and does not reflect the editorial stance of the Daily Athenaeum. Interested in submitting a letter? Fill out our form. 

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Adult diagnosis is hard, and it is even harder when you are in college. However, this diagnosis means that you can now request accommodations as needed. For many, this is a turn around for grades, social life and a boost in confidence. Unless, that is, you are a student at WVU—even more so i…

River Birch Café is the ultimate chill café with great vibes. This place has been the best decorated establishment I have visited so far. The café’s décor is extremely comforting. The workers were very friendly and attentive. Everyone in the café had smiles on their faces. 

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