My wife and I came in for the Baylor game and spent the weekend in Morgantown. We had an absolutely wonderful time and hope to be back. We were very visible wearing or Baylor gear, but no worries, because we were made to feel welcome at every opportunity by both students and alums. People repeatedly asked us if we were having a good time, if we needed directions, etc.

While walking around the tailgating area we couldn’t take 30 steps without someone offering us food or libations.

You all have a good thing going at WVU/Morgantown. Beautiful campus and town, and I’m sure your furniture retailers do a brisk business.

We in Texas sometimes think we have the market cornered on hospitality, but I’m not sure now. I can only hope we do as good a job as the Mountaineers in welcoming visiting fans. So, if we had to lose to anyone, we’re good with it being WVU, and we’re certainly pulling for the Mountaineers to come in 2nd place in the Big 12.