The real truth is, fake news is old news. From grocery store tabloids to The Onion to hoax stories about Betty White kicking the bucket (she’s still safe!), to urban legends that your nutty family members spam your e-mail with. Even founding father John Adams attempted to influence public op…

In what feels more like a ping-pong match than reality, President Trump’s travel ban enacted Jan. 27 was suspended Friday by a judge in Seattle, then sustained by the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals on Saturday after the Department of Justice moved to reinstate it.

President Donald Trump wasted no time making changes after his inauguration just five days ago. He’s already made major decisions that will effect plenty of people. So is it the apocalypse or a positive new era for American politics?

The term "fake news" is becoming so devoid of informational value yet so negative in connotation that it can soon (and perhaps currently) be used to censor information in order to control news and public opinion.

Trump takes office with the lowest approval ratings in history with only 32% satisfied with his transition, according to CBS. While this number ranges a bit amonst other polls done by The Washington Post and CNN, there are many potential reasons for this.

Justice’s speech had an immediate tone of hopefulness and he had some very promising things to say for West Virginia moving forward. He also had just as many "let me tell you this" moments, as you’ve come to expect from a Jim Justice speech.

Out of the 128 million votes cast in November, Hillary Clinton won nearly three million more than Donald Trump. Along with the outrage over another Democratic popular-vote-winning loser, there seems to be general confusion. How can the voice of nearly three million more Americans not count for anything in a democracy?

Trump’s main priorities were laid out as repealing the Affordable Care Act (despite the Republican led alternative currently remaining undisclosed) and building the wall on the Mexican border, something Trump continues to claim Mexico will fund in one way or another.

With an extremely impressive resume, (former Army captain, Senator and former Attorney General for the state of Alabama), it would seem that Sessions is more than qualified. So why is this decision sparking so much outrage?

English 101 is one of the most terrifying courses for WVU students. They face more than a half-dozen multi-page assignments and are introduced to an array of unfamiliar writing styles. The DA asked WVU English professor Emily Denton to crack the course, and offer some tips to help students.

After Sanders lost four of the five state primaries held Tuesday, the New York Times reported on Wednesday that his campaign is laying off hundreds of staffers and consolidating its remaining resources in California. The article implies this is likely because his opponent Hillary Clinton is “all but certain to win.” While it is still not impossible for Sanders to get the nomination, realistically his time is just about up.

The practice of crystal healing is based off the reallocation of stress in chakra points, which are areas of the body where stress is thought to accumulate in Eastern medicine. Various types of gems and crystals are used to “rebalance the body’s energy,” thus making the patient feel well again. Gems are thought to have unique healing properties; for example, wearing rose quartz is said to increase one’s self-esteem and feelings of self-love.

Forcing people to use the restroom of the gender they do not identify as not only forces trans individuals to effectively come out to strangers each time they use a public restroom, but needlessly makes cisgendered people feel uncomfortable in their own restroom as well.

According to the paper, studies revealed that abstinence-online programs that refused to educate young people comprehensively on sexual health led to an increase in teenage pregnancy rates during that time.

In the present digital age where the capabilities of technology seem to expand on a daily basis, one may feel compelled to reflect on the Luddite perspective; not necessarily to adopt it, but to weigh whether it holds any merit in its base insinuation that the labor of humanity would ultimately be rendered obsolete by its own innovations.

However, “Powerpuff Girls” could learn a thing or two from its progressive predecessors. Another show which wears progressivism on its sleeve but is well-liked by nearly every cartoon lover, “Steven Universe,” contrasts with the new “Powerpuff Girls” in that it has a real heart which shines through to viewers while administering a healthy dose of sensible social commentary.

According to Canadian news website CBC News, Canada has recently introduced a medically-assisted suicide law applying only to Canadian residents. The United States should consider implementing similar legislation in order to allow terminally ill patients to avoid unnecessary pain and discomfort near the end of their life.

Along with many other characteristics, people on the autism spectrum can often have trouble understanding feelings in general, avoid eye contact, do or say things repetitively and have difficulty with transition and change. There is no single medical test to diagnose ASD and there is no cure. However, studies show early recognition and behavioral and educational intervention can have a profound effect on an autistic child’s development and skill levels as they age.

How could a candidate secure delegates without anyone having voted for them, especially when seemingly in a tight race? To answer this, one must consider how the Democratic primary functions.

While I am a firm believer in a patient’s right to privacy, in the case of communicable diseases all people should be informed of what counties the infected people are from. Simple proximity to the infected people can increase one’s risk of contracting the disease, and this is need-to-know information that should not be kept from West Virginians.

According to a Huffington Post article from 2013, pornography is currently the most accessed type of content on the Internet and gets more views than Amazon, Netflix and Twitter combined. For the purpose of comparison, Netflix is visited by only 46 million viewers in the span of a month and Twitter by only 160 million. An astounding 30 percent of the entire Internet industry is pornography, and porn websites are visited by 450 million users every month.

Whitewashing, for those unaware, refers to the alleged tendency of Hollywood directors to cast white actors and actresses in the roles of characters who were non-white in their respective source material. Both “Ghost in the Shell” and “Doctor Strange” involve characters originally of Asian origin being played by white actresses.

This led Jan Böhmermann, a German comedian, to parody the action on the TV show Neo Magazin Royale. The clip shows Böhmermann mocking Ergodan for not knowing Germany has free speech laws while in conversation with another comedian pretending to be a lawyer.

When it comes to plants, science is overwhelmingly positive about the benefits of having a plant in the bedroom or living space can be. They provide a host of physical and mental benefits and pay us back for their good care more efficiently than many of our human roommates.