Time and time again, drivers have waited at a green light at the intersection of Willey Street and Spruce Street. 

Why? The driver closest to the light – facing toward the direction the Alpha Phi sorority house – wants to take a left onto the one-way Spruce Street. This is difficult to pull off, as the driver must squeeze through the stream of cars coming down Willey Street in the opposite direction. It's also a completely unnecessary maneuver if you you're not aiming to park in the relatively few spots between Alpha Phi and the Center for Black Research and Culture Building. 

Most drivers don't need to park or stop on this segment of the road, instead driving on up Spurce Street or going on to take a left on Prospect Street.  In this case, that left the driver took, which held up traffic for who knows how long, was not needed. 

Instead of stopping at the intersection of Willey Street and Spruce Street. Head on up past Willey and take a left on Prospect Street when you reach Arnold Hall. There's a separate lane for left turns, thus ensuring no traffic is obstructed.