a prom

What college-aged person honestly wants to spend their evening surrounded by sweaty high school students? 

Graduating from high school and then going back one year later to prom with your significant other is one thing, but being a 21 year old and going to a high school prom is just weird.

You could go to a bar, instead. You could go to dinner with your of-age girlfriend or friends, instead. Most high schools prevent 21 year olds from going to prom, for good reason.

For those that don't: Why?

People in their 20s should not be hanging out with 16, 17 or 18 year olds in a high school gym on those weekends in April. And what’s even worse, never should the 21 year old crashing a high school prom go to an after-party to hang out with people who can neither legally consume alcohol nor vote.