This letter to the editor was handwritten and hand delivered to the DA. It has been transcribed for readability.

As a WVU alumnus, I have moved back to Morgantown to be near my alma mater. This has given me an opportunity to observe the University’s student political environment.

My main concern is that there isn’t “enough” political activity on the campus. Political groups, such as the Young Democrats and Republicans, and others, too, should have booths in the Mountainlair on a regular basis. Moreover, these groups should sponsor debates, speak-outs and seminars on a wide spectrum of issues and ideas so that the student body can reflect and analyze them. 

If the University’s goal, as Plato suggested, is to search for truth, the University community should encourage students to form a  myriad of political groups to search for it. 

As H.G. Wells said just before the outbreak of WWI in 1914, “Civilization is in a race between education and catastrophe.” Today’s world is just as dangerous as it was in 1914. If there’s hope to avoid catastrophe, it’s with education, and that means encouraging the University’s mission – the search for truth.