As the ice melts, Morgantown potholes pop up like acne on a teen’s face. 


Potholes are one of the many issues drivers face in Morgantown. 

Sometimes seeming big enough to improvise as a kiddie pool, these potholes—when large enough — force drivers to swerve into an opposing lane of traffic to avoid impact. Whether the potholes lie on city roads, county roads or state roads, they should be filled in as quickly as possible. 

Instead, it seems they’re left to fester and grow and further endanger drivers. There should be better ways to encourage city residents to walk instead of drive.

Need further proof it’s a problem? Type in “Morgantown potholes” on Twitter. 

When we did, one of the first tweets that came up said, “just hit a pothole in Morgantown and I think my soul left my body it hit so hard.”

Potholes shouldn’t be so bad they hurt on a spiritual level. Yet, here they are.