As students, we have access to literally everything WVU through our portals. Whether that be homework assignments through eCampus, paying our tuition bill, or even checking our grades. To do all of this, we have to use Duo Mobile. While Duo may be a seem excessive, it has numerous perks.

As a student worker, I have access to an employee menu. Here, you can clock in and out, and instead of scanning your ID you can clock in and out on your phone. You can also check the wages you are making to make sure they are correct. If your paycheck isn’t coming out with how much you are getting paid, all you have to do is check your wages on that menu.

Duo keeps this personal information safe, and keeps people from hacking into our accounts. We don’t realize how often this actually happens. Oftentimes it is because we use the same passwords for everything, so our information is not as safe as we believe. With Duo, passcodes are constantly changing, so our information is secure.

Many universities are adopting Duo. Universities like Texas A&M, Baylor, University of Indiana have added the program to keep their students protected. While it can be tedious to use, Duo is actually very helpful.

To use Duo Mobile, all you have to do is download an app on your phone. It doesn’t cost anything, which is ideal for the college student.

No smartphone? No problem.You have other options to use Duo, including using a token that you can get at Barnes and Noble, or generating printable bypass codes.

At the end of the day, if Duo’s recent and growing popularity tells us one thing: Duo Mobile is the future.