SGA senators

SGA senators listen to public comment during their Sept. 8 meeting.

With the beginning of the new semester, the WVU Student Government Association has compiled a report of initiatives that we completed last semester, and have addressed what we would like to accomplish this semester.

Last semester, our Bureau of Finance awarded 38 grants. Providing support to student organizations on our campus will remain a priority for us and one we hope to improve. Our goal is to increase the number of grants awarded and organizations supported. If you are interested, you can find more information about it on our WVUEngage page.

During the fall semester, we set out to raise awareness on a number of issues, from Collegiate Recovery to Sexual Assault Prevention. It is crucial that students are aware of all resources that are available to help them. In some cases, students are unaware of some of the most important and critical resources that are offered. We intend to continue to raise awareness about issues important to the students of West Virginia University, and educate our community about resources available when addressing statewide challenges.

We advocated for Mental Health support within our own university and across the state, calling for better resources for all students who are pursuing higher education in West Virginia. To anyone reading this, you are not alone and you make the world a better place.

We have fostered a working relationship with many government officials on all levels and hope to continue our engagement with them as we are approaching the West Virginia Legislative Session. For the future of the state, it is critical that young West Virginians have a seat at the table.

Finally, we set out to give back to our community through service. We hosted a number of events, including a blood drive and clothing swap. Giving back to our community will remain a priority for us in the upcoming semester and we are always looking for new ideas on how we can best do that.

So far, SGA has passed nine (9) pieces of legislation, which include four Assembly Resolutions and five Assembly Bills.

Assembly Resolution 2021-07 supported a COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate for students, faculty, and staff. Assembly Resolution 2021-08 established the Mountaineer Resilience Project, a campaign to gain more support for mental health resources from the state government. Assembly Resolution 2021-09 addressed pedestrian safety concerns in the Morgantown area. Assembly Resolution 2021-11 established a Student Advisory Board within CEHS and CPASS.

Assembly Bill 2021-05 adopted the 2021-2022 Student Government Association Bylaws, Assembly Bill 2021-09 amended the Student Government Association elections code, and Assembly Bill 2021-08 increased the frequency the HOME Scholarship is given to students.

Assembly Bill 2021-06 sponsored an Annual Suicide Prevention Awareness Campaign on campus and Assembly Bill 2021-07 sponsored a Sexual Assault Prevention Tailgate at West Virginia University.

For the Spring semester, the Jernigan-Moore Administration plans to spread awareness on resources and opportunities available at WVU, highlighting our differences while loving each other despite our differences, and giving back to the place we call home.

As your Student Government, it is an honor to represent you. We are excited to continue our work to advocate for the voices of students. If you have any ideas for us or are interested in joining check us out on instagram and twitter @sgawvu or join us at one of our meetings at 7:30 PM every Wednesday in the Mountainlair and via zoom. We look forward to hearing from you.

Amaya Jernigan is the Student Body President. Hunter Moore is the Student Body Vice President. Lauren Moore is the Chief of Staff for Internal Affairs. Sohan Daniel is the Chief of Staff for External Affairs