Students wait in line for restaurants in the Mountainlair.

For those who have endured the WVU on-campus dining changes over the years, it is no surprise that a good amount of students are disappointed with our current situation especially in comparison to what it once was.

It seems that as our school continues to grow, we have begun to have less and less options of where we can eat on campus as well as how far the required dining plans will get us.

Evansdale Crossing, for example, which used to feature four or five great choices to eat now only has two, and is a ghost town of its former self to say the least, not to mention that meal swipes are no longer useful there at all anymore.

“When I was a freshman all I ever heard about was how good our dining plan used to be and how I missed out and that was really annoying to know they ended the Chick-fil-A swipes and all that other good stuff when we came in,” said Jake Sargent, a junior student at WVU.

That's right underclassmen, in case you didn’t already know when the seniors were freshman the WVU dining options were actually pretty nice and I can’t really remember almost any students complaining.

That was because we truly had lots of options. Not only did we have access to our dining halls like you all do now but we also could use our meal swipes on just about anywhere else in the lair or at crossing which made owning an already pricy dining plan a bit more tolerable.

“I can’t imagine not being able to use swipes at the lair or crossing when I was a freshman. I basically lived at Chick-fil-A and Which-Wich, I maybe only ate at our dining hall a couple of times,” said Connor Freeman, a senior student at WVU.

With that being said though, the next generation of WVU students are those who will be affected the most so I thought it would be important to find out what they look for in a school's dining options.

“I mainly just want variety I think. If I’m going to be forced to pay well over $2,000 a semester for dining, I would want to be able to explore the campus and try different things,” said Nate Mancin, a high school senior visiting friends at WVU.

It is nice to see places like The Burger Shop and Blue Tomato being replaced by places like Panda Express because they never really used to have any line and now at least Panda Express is offering some competition.

At the end of the day, this still leaves us as a school taking steps back instead of steps forward over the last four years which is almost as frustrating as having to listen to someone bang on the new piano upstairs in the lair while you're trying to eat.

Staff Writer

Jarret Fox is a culture writer and member of the podcast staff for the Daily Athenaeum. He is a journalism student from Cleveland, OH.