A student working on a laptop in the Evansdale library.

A student working on a laptop in the Evansdale library.

With classes primarily held online and many students required to share their screen, there are some things that you wouldn’t think needed to be reminded to college students. But here we are, almost at the end of the semester, and it seems like students are forgetting basic manners.

Mute your mic when you’re not actively speaking

Something I really didn’t think needed to be reminded, but the amount of times when one of my professors paused the lecture to remind students to mute themselves is on the brink of being ridiculous. We don’t want to hear the conversation you’re having with your roommate that proves you’re obviously not paying attention in class. Mute your mics and save your professors the hassle.

If you’re having a class discussion or something of that nature, turn your camera on

One of the most difficult things about this semester and being a first-time freshman is not meeting the people in my classes. An easy way to help this scenario is by sharing your camera when you’re actively taking part in a class discussion. Not only is it an easy way for students to match a face to a name, but for professors, too.

Don’t flood the Zoom chat

When the professor is asking a question that requires an actual response from students, by all means send out a message with your answer. Don’t, however, start a fight in the chat with other students because you don’t agree with them. You can easily private message them and argue with them there. Actual questions from students can be easily drowned out with unnecessary commentary.

Be active in class — it helps us all out

I get it, sometimes online lectures get tiresome and it’s hard to constantly pay attention. In the long run, you’re hurting yourself when you aren’t taking an active part in class. When the professor asks questions, answer them. When the professor is looking for examples that students are supposed to find, volunteer your findings. It’s just as strange for us as it’s strange for them, but we can make classes go by a lot smoother if we all played an active role.

Listen to others and give others a chance

There are times when everyone can tell people are just trying their best to stay active in class, but then there’s times when there’s a student that is taking way too much time from everyone else. We get it, you know the material, but let others have a shot at being right.

Speak appropriately in the Zoom chat

If it’s something you wouldn’t say in person to a professor, it’s probably best to not say it online either. Yes, we’re all adults, but we’re also in a professional learning environment with no need for cussing. There’s also no need for any inappropriate content that more than likely no one asked for.

If your camera will be shown at all during your call, wear appropriate clothing

Sitting in your room for a morning class is probably one of the best things to get out of this year. Sometimes, I just roll out of bed, still in my pajamas, and log in to my class. However, it’s probably best that if you share your camera at all during a call to actually put on school-appropriate clothing. It also helps be more focused and prepared for a lecture if you were dressed for the day as if you were in person.

Check your connection before calls

If you have to actively participate in a class, it’s important to make sure that all the equipment necessary for producing the best audio is working. It’s frustrating to students, and professors, when they can’t understand a student because they were joining class from their phone or didn’t make sure their microphone was working.