Whether you like it or not, Donald Trump will be taking his seat at noon today as president of a much divided United States of America.

And whether you’re one of the many American’s dissatisfied with Trump as president, or one of the many celebrating his new role, you still need to respect the office of president, even if you don’t respect the president.

Trump takes office with the lowest approval ratings in history with only 32% satisfied with his transition, according to CBS. While this number ranges a bit amonst other polls done by The Washington Post and CNN, there are many potential reasons for this.

Trump faced multiple major controversiesthroughout his 2016 presidential campaign. He has no small list of opponents and enemies.

Whether it’s the open mocking of a disabled reporter during a speech, or the infamous recording of Trump capped off with the suggestion that, as a celebrity, you could go up to women and merely, "Grab them by the pussy" that bother you, there are plenty controversial moments to choose from.

In addition, many of his cabinet choices have been lacking in area-specific experience, or even have negative experiences and reputations in the fields they will now represent.

Most particularly challenged are Trump’s picks Texas Gov. Rick Perry for Secretary of Energy, Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions for Attorney General, Exxon CEO Jeff Tillerson for Secretary of State, philanthropist Betsy DeVos for Secretary of Education, surgeon Ben Carson for Secretary of Housing and Urban Development and even Mike Pence for Vice President.

But regardless of your opinions of Trump, if you are actively hoping for the country to fail under his leadership, you should consider whether your opinion is political or just anti-American. They aren’t the same thing.

So critique Donald Trump’s ideas, his performance and his choices, but don’t mistake these opinions as questioning the office that is so critical to our country.

If the results of our elections are considered meaningless (all hacking concerns aside), then our country turns its back on the ideas that we’ve defended from assault for so many years and that make America "great" already.