warner theatre

Warner Theatre in Morgantown

Warner Theatre should be knocked down

The Warner Theatre has been closed for years. The last activity the theater experienced was the doors being boarded up.

It’s a historic building, but it sits there on High Street, taking up space and looking ugly, deteriorating by the day. How is it contributing to the city in any way? No matter how old it is, it’s currently vacant and an eye sore.

It’s taking up a large space that could contribute to any number of businesses that would be productive to the Morgantown economy and community. The past should not hold back the future. The Warner Theatre should be demolished.

Warner Theatre should be restored — and soon

It’s egregious that the Warner Theatre has been closed since 2010.

Any current student who has parents, grandparents or even great-grandparents that have gone to WVU only has to ask their ancestors about their experiences at the theater to understand the far-reaching importance it has had on Morgantown.

It not only should be preserved. It should be revitalized, again becoming an important fixture of Morgantown. Having a movie theater right on High Street is awesome, whether you’re a WVU student or someone who has lived in Morgantown for the past 70 years.