Shamrock Shake

Courtesy McDonald's

Should McDonald's Shamrock Shake be available year round? The DA editorial staff debate the merits for and against this change.


As the month of March progresses, there are few better beverage options than a McDonald’s Shamrock Shake.

The seasonal drink, introduced in 1970, is one of the top items on any fast food menu. However, its seasonal status hurts its stature.

There is a simple fix: make the Shamrock Shake available year-round.

For the past 50 years, the Shamrock Shake has been an American institution for happiness far and wide. It’s a miraculous pot of gold for the mouth. After the dreary months of January and February, then comes the month of minty magic.


The idea of making seasonal items like the Shamrock Shake available year-round is ridiculous.

While we may love those special flavors that come once a year, half of that love comes from the anticipation and waiting that it takes to finally get a hold of that delicious green concoction.

Thinking logically, if every day were Christmas, the thrill and excitement of the holiday would be lost to the mundane. Same goes for the Shamrock Shake, Pumpkin Spice Lattes or any other seasonal item.

While we may be able to remedy our craving year-round, we lose the magic of what made us like the item in the first place.