Share A Swipe

Students swiping for meal plans. 

Editor's Note

Staff Shorts are tidbit writings by our editorial board. They’re mostly meant to be light-hearted, but we sometimes touch on more serious, important topics. They aim to express the many student voices of the University.

Dining hall food is unsatisfying, but not being able to eat at all is even worse.

Students on a meal plan do not have much to look forward to anyway, but when the dining halls close early, students go hungry.

On weekdays, the dining halls close at 8 p.m. Although this time might seem fairly reasonable, it does not accommodate students who have late classes or students who just want to eat later in the day.

Weekdays in the dining halls are not ideal, but weekends are even worse. Students are better off just not using their meal plan and ordering in.

Most students do not leave their rooms on the weekends until noon. If you are lucky enough to wake up in time for breakfast, you can forget about eating lunch.

The dining halls serve breakfast food until about 3 p.m. on the weekends, so if you go back for lunch, you can expect to see the same thing you ate just hours prior.

When the dining halls eventually decide to put out dinner food, you better eat fast because they will only be there for a couple hours before closing time.

The dining halls close at 6:30 p.m. on weekends, effectively starving students who are trying to use their meal swipes.

The dining halls never have any good food left close to closing time, so unless you want to eat an early-bird special dinner, ordering in or going out is the only option, which is difficult for students who are trying to save money and do not have a kitchen where they can cook for themselves.

Bottom line: students are paying enough already to eat subpar food in gross dining halls. The subpar food should at least be available at a time when students want to eat.