Editor's Note

Staff Shorts are tidbit writings by our editorial board. They’re mostly meant to be light-hearted, but we sometimes touch on more serious, important topics. They aim to express the many student voices of the University.



Buying a cheap pumpkin from the store and putting it in front of my place is so simple but makes me so happy.

Such cheap, easy ways to find even a minimal amount of joy is fantastic for a stressed-out college student in Morgantown. Other people, in search of the low-hanging fruit to being a jerk, regularly smash that joy and leave it in the middle of the street. Walking out the front door in the morning to find evidence of a calculated attack on my pumpkin is a crappy way to start the day, especially when I have to clean up the carnage. 

If one wants so badly to destroy a pumpkin, why can't they just go to any local store with a few bucks? How can destroying the property of someone else make people happy enough that it happens again and again and again. 

Leave my pumpkin alone. The seasons change, and so do my decorations; hopefully you pumpkin pillagers can also change.