beer cans

Three used aluminium cans, which can be reuse are on the white background.

Editor's Note

Staff Shorts are tidbit writings by our editorial board. They’re mostly meant to be light-hearted, but we sometimes touch on more serious, important topics. They aim to express the many student voices of the University.

As it gets warmer and warmer, there will be more and more day drinking and late night outdoor drinking. It's the truest sign of spring that exists on a college campus and in a college town. 

After the party ends and people leave, those who host should clean up the litter as soon as possible. Whether it be at the crack of dawn or 3 a.m., that trash should be picked up before wind blows it away to pollute other areas or before others wake up and see it. 

At many Morgantown houses, this is not currently happening. Days can pass before a substantial portion of the crushed beer cans are picked up (and hopefully recycled). This makes not only you look back, but also puts the entire University community in a less positive light. 

Don't be lazy. Pick up the trash from your party.