Editor's Note

Staff Shorts are tidbit writings by our editorial board. They’re mostly meant to be light-hearted, but we sometimes touch on more serious, important topics. They aim to express the many student voices of the University.

Whether it’s a cat, dog, or any other pet, some college students seem to have a tendency to jump right into pet care without care for the future and the consequences.

Most cute kittens and puppies will go on to live well over a decade. If you’re an upperclassmen, can you be definitively sure that once you graduate you’ll be able to live in a place and have a job where you can keep and maintain a lifestyle that includes a pet? What about next semester, when you’ll be taking that one really hard class that’s going to have you stressing in the library each day?

There’s nothing wrong with having a pet as a student. The problem is those students who don’t think it through and, as a result, put a living being in their care in an unhealthy and sometimes even lethal environment.