243 Walnut St, Morgantown, WV 26505

 (304) 413-4729

Dining style- casual

Take out or dine in

A taste of Thailand is hidden right here in Morgantown. This place is delicious and is definitely not your average local bite. I had heard good reviews and seen advertisements about Tk, but the view from outside is what made me want to check this restaurant out. The open windows filled with plants intrigued me. The inside was calm with gentle music playing in the background. It was a little crowded for my liking, however. 

The service was phenomenal, and the employee was quite friendly. He sold me on the boba tea and provided me with recommendations for lunch. Their menu was three pages and offered a wide variety of food. They had many vegan and vegetarian options, which is not that common in Morgantown. The vegan and vegetarian options included meals and deserts as well. 

I ordered the Tom-Yum fried rice with sweet and sour chicken. This is a jasmine rice based plate served alongside mixed vegetables and lettuce. Customers can choose from a variety of protein options like tofu, chicken, chickNON, salmon and shrimp.  The chicken’s texture was great, even the presentation impressed me. The chicken almost reminded me of the texture and look of pork. It had a sweet Thai peanut sauce. The rice, meanwhile, was more on the spicy and sour end of the spectrum. I enjoyed the contrast between the sweetness of the peanut sauce and the spiciness of the rice. 

My plate had a good amount of food, so I was satisfied with my portions. It had just the right amount of vegetables, grains and protein. I finished the plate without hesitation. 

Next, I paired the meal with a boba tea. I never was the biggest fan of boba, so I had the cashier surprise me with a random flavor. He brought me a vanilla-coconut milk tea with boba pearls. The boba was so delicious. The consistency was about as thick as almond milk, and it was so easy to drink. The boba pearls were chewy and burst when you bit into them. 

The 16oz drink was a perfect size since it was the kind of drink best enjoyed in moderation. I do not think I would have been able to finish the larger size. Their boba menu was huge, almost intimidating. The employees were so helpful by guiding me through their menu. They even gifted me a piece of their cheesecake. It had a nice, firm texture, and it was presented really well. It almost looked too good to eat.

Although the food was delicious and the experience was amazing, my total was 19 dollars, which did not even include the tip or the piece of cheesecake. This is not the most affordable option for a college student. You definitely could not come here for lunch everyday. I would, however, absolutely recommend this place if you are craving good Thai food or have a special occasion.