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Courtney is joined once again by Jessica Johnston-York from the Carruth Center to discuss one of their favorite activities – reading! Join us for a rambling adventure as we discuss different genres, the benefits of reading, and what we’ve currently got queued up in our own personal libraries!

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Courtney is joined by Wes Thomas and Marissa Bailey from WELLWVU to chat about alcohol. They review some safer drinking strategies that WVU students can use if they choose to drink alcohol. For more information, you can visit…

Courtney is joined by Akeya Carter-Bozman, WVU’s Prevention Specialist for Title IX & Equity Assurance, to discuss Bystander Intervention. They chat about WVU’s bystander model and the bystander effect, and also talk about some of the barriers that folks may face when it comes to helping…

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In this episode, Anna discusses what to do on and around campus after spring break when classes go online. You'd be surprised what you can do from the comfort of your bedroom. 

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This week Geoff talks to Dr. Rosemary Hathaway about her new book, "Mountaineers Are Always Free: Heritage, Dissent, and a West Virginia Icon" (WVU Press).Thanks to our producer Nick Kratsas, and to Sean Graham for the music you heard at the beginning and end of the episode.

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This is DubV 411, West Virginia University’s very own weekly update podcast. Every week we'll be giving you an overview of what's happening in the coming week on campus and around Morgantown.

This week, Geoff talks to Dr. Tiffany Mitchell Patterson from the College of Education and Human Services about teaching reconstruction and citizenship, black power, voting rights, and related topics. For further reading, check out Dr. Patterson's recent article in The Conversation, as well …

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In the spring season of WVU Reads, Geoff will continue to interview people from around campus but move away from Educated. This week, Geoff talks to Melissa Giggenbach and Hope DeLap from the West Virginia Innocence Project, which is affiliated with WVU College of Law. 


Did you know the same fight-flight response that taught our ancestors to run from bears is the same feeling of threat you get when you're stressed over your finals? Audrey Stephenson, a counseling major at the Carruth Center, teaches us tips to lessen the fight-flight response, as well as ho…

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